Nokia Revises Its Product Naming Conventions


1, 2011

Author Pradeep // in News


Many (including me) would have assumed that Nokia Windows Phone could be named as Nokia W series or Nokia x series,etc. But Nokia today announced the change in their naming convention. They have simplified the naming structure so that people can remember it easily and also the name will convey something about the product.

Here it is,

  • Nokia will drop the alphabets completely in the product names such as Nokia C2, Nokia E6.
  • New product names will be ‘Nokia’ followed by three digit number, for example Nokia 500, Nokia 900.
  • The first number in the three digit number is the relative price/feature point. So Nokia 9xx will be high end phones while Nokia 1xx will be the most cheapest phones.
  • So the last two digits is the unique identifier to a phone, its as simple as that.

What do you think of this new naming scheme? Do you think its better than naming every phone such as Mozart, Trophy, Focus, Quantum, Optimus, etc.

Source: Nokia Image Credit: CNET

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