Nokia Portugal confirms the Nokia Lumia 900 is coming to Europe



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Nokia has made it pretty clear the Nokia Lumia 800 and 710 will not be the last Nokia Windows Phone released in Europe, but they have been very vague about what’s coming next to the continent.

Now Nokia Portugal has been a bit more forthcoming, confirming that Nokia will be launching the Nokia Lumia 900 in Portugal.

Just a bit further up the page the Nokia rep notes “All pages are to be rigorously validated and corrected where necessary, to make sure that we give all the information and complete form” so we are going to assume he knows what he’s talking about.

Of course the actual specs and time scale is not clear – LTE is embryonic in Europe and there have been rumours of a 12 megapixel version coming to compensate for that missing feature.  Hopefully more will be revealed in Mobile World Congress in 3 weeks time.

See the facebook thread here.

Thanks Francisco for the tip.

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