Nokia made the right choice in announcing the Lumia 920 early

imageNokia received a lot of criticism for announcing the Nokia Lumia 920 8 weeks before they were ready to ship it.

In retrospect this now appears to have been a good decision.  Given the lacklustre specs of the new iPhone  5 the handset appeared in most major comparisons with leading handsets on major technology sites, and is in fact often held up as the handset with the better screen, camera and technology, due to the NFC and Wireless Charging.  This was to the degree that the Lumia 920 was even a trending twitter topic during the iPhone 5 announcement.

It also allowed the handset to be part of the Everything Everywhere LTE announcement, and will likely be repeatedly announced for a variety of carriers over the next few weeks.

In contrast the HTC Accord, which is only rumoured but not announced, has not been part of the conversation at all, suggesting Nokia made the right choice to reveal their Windows Phone 8 offerings when they did.

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