Nokia Lumia 925 tear-down schematic shows a much reduced phone



Author Surur // in News

nl925exploded has as usual managed to lay their hands on the maintenance manual for the Nokia Lumia 925.

They have posted this exploded view of the handset, which shows a motherboard much reduced in size from that of the Nokia Lumia 920.  In fact the circuitry is now dwarfed by the battery, which makes up the bulk of the innards.

The parts count also shows the MIMO (multiple input, multiple output) antenna component of the GSM radio, which allows the phone to choose the best antenna dependent on which one is getting the best reception, and thereby neatly avoiding the iPhone’s grip of death issue.

The tear down also shows why the device does not have a removable battery, with the back of the handset forming an integral part of the structure of the device. Still, it does look like Nokia could have squeezed a wireless charging loop in there, which would have made for a perfect device.

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