Nokia Lumia 925 priced in India, considered overpriced


Flipkart has posted a pre-order page for the Nokia Lumia 925 in India.

The handset is being priced for 33999 INR ($560) which seems a pretty reasonable price for the handset,  but makes the smartphone more expensive than the Nokia Lumia 920, which costs 30999 INR, and offers double the storage and features such as wireless charging.  It is also much more expensive than the Samsung Galaxy S3, which at 26195 INR has similar specs and a much larger screen and faster processor.

The Nokia Lumia 925 is of course a brand new handset, and it is expected that in time the price will drift lower, but if there is one lessons that the Nokia Lumia 520 should have taught Nokia, it is that pricing a handset right from the start creates a surge of momentum which lift sales much higher than even the pricing would suggest.  The same effect happens in reverse – if the price is too high a handset may never gain momentum, even when the price is lowered in the future.

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