Nokia Lumia 920 sells out in less than one day on Clove UK, Telstra Aus

by Surur
November 13, 2012

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Once again we will reserve full judgement until Nokia releases figures, but at first glance is does seem like Nokia has a hit on their hands.

The Nokia Lumia 920 has just become available yesterday on Clove UK, costing a pretty penny at £520 ($820) and only in white. Despite all these issues the first batch has already sold out. I spoke to Clove yesterday (when I happened to put my order in) and they confirmed the handset was seeing very high demand.

On the order page they write:

WHITE STOCK – SOLD OUT. Any order already placed will be shipped from the first batch of stock. Other colours to be confirmed. These handsets are unlocked and can be used on any network.

On the opposite side of the world the Nokia Lumia 920 has also just gone on pre-order on Telstra Australia, and there initial stock also seems to have been depleted in less than one day.

There Telstra writes:

Coming Soon

Out of Stock
Sorry, we have no stock left of this phone for pre-order. We’re working on getting more in, so please try again soon.

The handset is only expected to arrive there on the 27th, showing some level of welcome hysteria around the device.

Do our readers think Nokia finally has a big seller on their hands? Let us know below.

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