Nokia Lumia 830 has a serious manufacturing flaw, stay alert while buying



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Back in IFA 2014, Microsoft announced Nokia Lumia 830 as affordable flagship device. Though, affordable and flagship seems to be two contrast words, Microsoft made a perfect blend between them and the device sold like a hot cake everywhere. Recently, Microsoft slashed prices of Lumia 830 and Lumia 930 in Indian market which made it an amazing deal. I decided to pick one for myself and I came to know about a serious manufacturing flaw in the device. This flaw was also spotted by our author, Pranav, during his review back in October. Surfing more on the internet, I found it as a rare but noticeable issue for the Lumia 830 owners. Check the image below showing the difference between a normal phone and a defective one.

Difference in Normal and Defective

Check more images detailing the issue below.

Defective 1


Defective 2

So what actually happened?

I am still unable to understand what is the actual problem but reading about it and checking my device I found that Nokia might have missed gluing a part of screen. Pressing that part fixes the screen for some moments but it comes out. This can be a serious issue in long run because dust particles will start blocking the proximity sensor, screen or the front camera over the course of time. As the screen appears to be loose, this will make the screen more sensitive to falls and might break it easily.

According to Pranav, the glue could have loosened due to heat or maybe during the manufacturing process, the glue must have not been applied correctly.

Precautions while buying the device:

The best thing one can do is to check the device before buying it. When buying the device, insist the salesman to open the box and show you the device before making the final payment. Touch and feel the edges of the screen and check the device minutely. If you see any bulge, try inserting your fingernails into that. If your nail goes inside the device then it has a flaw. Immediately, inform the sales person and abort the purchase. Chances are he might be knowing about this flaw and will replace your device at the same time.

Quick Advice: As per my survey on the internet, everyone had this issue on the side of volume keys which ran from headphone jack till the power button so check that part with full attention.

What if you find this issue after the purchase?

If you already own Lumia 830, chances are you didn’t check it while buying. We suggest you to try the above mentioned test on your device. If you find the issue, don’t waste time, move to Nokia Care and they will handle your problem. In case you bought a new device few hours or a day ago then you can go directly to the shop where you purchased the device. Nokia takes responsibility for 24 hours after the purchase so if you have the issue after the mentioned time then head to Nokia Care. Nokia Care will take about 20-25 days for the replacement of the device. As the device was launched in IFA last year, so we assume that everyone has device under warranty. Go through this quick check and be on the safe side.


Nokia is always known for most durable and tough devices but that doesn’t mean they can’t make a mistake. Lumia 830 is an amazing device and it is my daily driver these days. Off course Nokia has done a mistake but the company is actively engaged in replacing devices with this flaw. You can get the device but just check it once so that you don’t end up getting a faulty device. We strongly recommend Lumia 830 and you can check our review here. Fault doesn’t mean that the device is not good.

Lastly, what do our readers think about this flaw. Anyone faced it? How did Nokia responded? Share your experience with us.

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