Nokia Lumia 800 the 4th best selling phone at Expansys UK this week, ahead of iPhone 4S and Blackberry




Maybe the critics are more likely to believe a best-seller list if the Lumia 800 is not actually at its top.

The list of weekly best sellers on Expansys UK features the Nokia Lumia 800 in the 6th spot, and the 4th phone overall, behind the Galaxy Note, Galaxy Nexus S and the super-cheap Acer Liquid Metal.

The handset is however ahead of the newly released Blackberry Torch 9860 and 16 GB iPhone 4S.

Some commenters have suggested these lists are actually handpicked, but I cant think of any reason why Expansys would want to push the Microvision VGA Dock Adaptor for SHOWWX Pico Projectors, can you?

Thanks AG for the tip.

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