Nokia Lumia 520 pushes Windows Phone to bigger than 10% market share in UK


12, 2013

Author Surur // in News


We know the Nokia Lumia 520 is a success story, and the only question really is how big at the minute. AdDuplex shows the handset has in only 3 months on the market jumped to be the 3rd most used Windows Phone in UK.

More proof of this has recently emerged from Kantar WorldPanel who tweeted:



Nokia’s Symbian had an 11.4% market share in March 2011, and 10.7% in June 2011, suggesting rather strongly that Nokia crested the 10% market share once again for the first time in UK since 2011.

Given that Symbian had a 0.1% market share in May 2013 we can be fairly certain Nokia’s market share is a good substitute for Window Phone, meaning UK is joining the list of “strong” Windows Phone markets like Italy, Poland and Russia, and that Nokia is finally starting to see signs of the return on investment which Stephen Elop has been after since the burning platform memo so long ago.


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