Nokia Lumia 520 interest still increasing



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The Nokia Lumia 520 has been a good little mover for Nokia, and if Google Trends is any indication the handset still has a lot of life in it, with interest, gauged by search volume, continuing to increase sharply.

GSMArena’s Daily Interest chart also  provide some corroboration to Google’s data, with the low-end smartphone generating more interest than the HTC One and iPhone 5 on their website.

The 4 inch screened Nokia Lumia 520 broke new boundaries for a low price Windows Phone, and costs as little as $129 in some markets. Nokia has said they will continue to work at pushing Windows Phone to new low-end price points, which will hopefully continue to increase the penetration of the OS.

Somewhat worrying for Nokia however is that the Nokia Lumia 925 appears not to have sparked the same level of interest, but I think many of us are waiting for the real ground-breaking new high end Windows Phone, the Nokia EOS.

Thanks Jani for the tip.

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