Nokia Lumia 1020 finally hits its stride as Nokia Germany claims it is a best seller


The Nokia Lumia 1020 is an incredibly unique device, and a year after its release it is still unmatched.

It was never however a massive seller, and according to AdDuplex data is not even a top 10 Windows Phone.

With price reductions as the device aged however, and no obvious successor on the horizon, the handset may finally be hitting its stride.

On Nokia Germany’s homepage it now says the Lumia 1020 (and also the 820) is a best selling Windows Phone.

Considering all the mostly good PR the phone received and the 376 Euro price tag this does not seem that much of a surprise; not only that, Nokia also seems to have found a so far undiscovered market and may therefore have found a surprise hit.

Still, I personally think the 1020 is, just like the 1520 more a niche product compared to e.g. the 920 or 930. Also I’ve seen way more Lumia 920s in public than 1020s, but this probably also depends on the region (in my case the very west of Germany).

The Nokia Lumia 820 (277 Euro) is also being labelled a best seller which was somewhat surprising to read. I am not sure what to think about all that – but like the 1020 the device may just be hitting clearance prices and may be finally moving.

Are any of our readers planning to take advantage of these lower prices to snap up this unique handset? Let us know below.