Nokia continues offensive, calls Apple out for poor maps


Nokia’s marketers, striking while the iron is hot, has released the above infographic showing how superior their mapping is to even Google, and certainly Apple’s.

Claiming support for navigation in a 110 countries, nearly twice as much as Google and Apple’s number, the graphic also claims to support public transport information in 10 times more countries as Google, a service that is not offered by Apple at all.

They quote Tim Shepherd, senior analyst at Canalys as saying:

Nokia’s suite of location-aware apps and services on its new Lumia devices put it in a clear lead over its competitors in terms of the depth, breadth and integration of the mapping, navigation and transport experiences it can offer. It also leads in terms of the global coverage it provides.

See a comparison between Nokia and Apple and Google’s world coverage for turn by turn navigation after the break.

Nokia-1024x575 Apple Google
Nokia Apple Google

Via Nokia Conversations