Nokia confirms first Windows phones will run on Qualcomm chipsets

Despite reports from ST-Ericsson that their dual-core chips will be powering Nokia’s Windows Phones a Nokia spokesman has confirmed to Reuters that their first Windows Phone 7 handsets will have Qualcomm chipsets.

"The first Nokias based on Windows Phone will have the Qualcomm chipset," he said.

He did not however deny that other chipmakers has an opportunity in the future.

"Our aim is to build a vibrant ecosystem around Nokia and the Windows Phone OS and with that intent we are naturally continuing discussions with a number of chipset suppliers for our future product portfolio," continued.

Earlier in the year when Nokia declared for Windows Phone they had said their first handsets would be rushed to the market but that differentiated and volume offerings will be coming in 2012, when Nokia is expected to deliver around 12 Windows Phone 7 handsets.