Nokia ask for dealer support as it aims to be “disruptive force”

imageAt a Nokia partner conference held recently with 120 Nokia dealers Nokia vice president of Western Europe Conor Pierce asked Nokia’s partners to help the company become a disruptive force in the market.

Pierce said: “We want to become a disruptive force in the market, but not just a reckless force landing something almighty on the market, we need to be very clever about how we do it.

“They are quite strong words, but we are now a challenger brand and we can do things differently.”

He noted that after losing its 10 year phone leadership to Samsung the company was now free to do things differently, and appealed to dealers to get behind its push to once again become the number one player in the smartphone market.

Pierce said Nokia was happy with the progress of Nokia’s new Windows Phone strategy but said sales are not where they should be.

Calling the Nokia Lumia 800 “great start”, he insisted the company could and will do better.

“Almost half of the UK population is aware of Lumia,” he said. “Is it enough? No, it’s not. Do they consider it? Many do. Are they buying? Many do. Do enough people buy? No, they don’t. We’ll continue to drive the awareness and build the consideration through yourselves, retail and call centres.

“We have driven the business, but is it enough? No, it’s not. We’re a big machine, we need big numbers and we’ll get them.

“We have a great portfolio, great partnership with Microsoft and a great start but that won’t make any difference unless we as individuals, and Nokia as a company, do something radically different. It’s about knowing what we need to do and doing it fast, but not recklessly.

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