Nokia 900 Windows Phone “discovered” in Finland



Author Surur // in News, Rumour

We discover new Windows Phone 7 handsets in unusual places, like Bluetooth SIG, game leader boards and user agent logs, but the method discovered by Jorg is the strangest and most convoluted.

As a Nokia developer he was accessing a Nokia N9 at Nokia’s Finnish offices using Remote Device Access (where developers can test their apps remotely on real handsets) and found, by searching for devices which are discoverable by Bluetooth, that there is a Nokia 900 Windows Phone handset somewhere in the vicinity.

This is in fact not the first time we heard of the Nokia 900, but the previous rumour came with such ridiculous specs they seemed rather fantasy than reality.  Despite being extremely virtual this handset may actually be a little more tangible.

Registered Nokia developers can see if they can replicate the feat at Nokia here.

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