Hello Games has just released their massive No Man’s Sky Origins update and its got some cool stuff in it.

Released today for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, this ambitious update for Hello Games’ procedurally generated space survival game brings new biomes, planets, lifeforms, multi-tool upgrades, new lighting and more.

For the No Man’s Sky Origins update, Hello Games has introduced all new abilities for the fauna that populate the game’s galaxy. Animals can now fly, swim and flock. The game now has gigantic sandworms – like in Dune – that are quite terrifying.

There’s so much available in this one update: an overhauled photo mode, new UI and menus, all new items and crafting options, completely new star systems that house a collection of suns. Read the full patch notes here.

Check out the game’s Origins trailer below:

In other news, Hello Games has announced development on their next big project. We know absolutely nothing about it but here’s a hyperlink anyways.