No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games is working on a “huge, ambitious” game

September 3, 2020
No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games has revealed that they are working on an ambitious new project that has yet to be announced. 

Revealed during an interview with Polygon following the release of the studio’s smaller-scale release The Last Campfire, studio founder Shaun Murray teased that their upcoming game will be a big one.

The interview describes the studio’s upcoming project as their next “No Man’s Sky sized game”, one that is “huge, ambitious”. However, Murray clearly states that fans of NMS shouldn’t expect a sequel.

“I had worked at EA before I started Hello Games, and we’d just done lots of sequels,” Murray said. “Everything that I worked on was the sequel to something. I found that a bit of a depressing thing in some ways. It was part of the reason for moving.”

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The interview reveals that Hello Games is composed of just 26 people, three of which made The Last Campfire. The remaining team is split; some are working on supporting No Man’s Sky and others are working on the studio’s next big game.

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