Nioh 2 will be getting a closed alpha tomorrow for special invited players


23, 2019

Team Ninja‘s second entry in its samurai souls-like franchise Niohtitled Nioh 2, will be having a closed alpha tomorrow ahead of E3 2019.

Running between May 24th and June 2nd, the very-limited alpha will be used as an actual alpha! This means instead of pushing out a close-to-finished version of a game, calling it alpha and getting some great marketing, Nioh 2 will actually be used to gather feedback and improve the game.

Koei Tecmo also released a new trailer for the upcoming game which reveals a bunch of until-today unseen features.

YouTube player

Instead of using the same protagonist as the original game, Nioh 2 will allow players to create a custom avatar. This means no new franchise representation in the next Warriors All-Stars, right?

There seems to be a host of terrifying enemies, including snake ladies and undead babies, as well as cool stuff like turning into an angry demon!

With numerous betas helping Koei push Nioh to a larger audience last tune around, it only makes sense to keep up with the trend. While the alpha is only going to be available on PlayStation 4, the final game may end up releasing on PC as well – just like the original.

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