NightCafe vs StarryAI: Choose Your Creative Journey

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nightcafe vs starryai

Searching for a detailed NightCafe vs StarryAI comparison? These generative AI tools excel in various styles, including realistic, dramatic, and anime.

Both can create stunning images, whether realistic or cartoonish, as you can see in the example given below. NightCafe is on the left, StarryAi is on the right:

a lonely fisherman nightcafe vs starryai

I’ve used the following prompt for this image:

A lonely old fisherman in his boat in the stormy sea.

At first sight, someone may think that both were created by the same tool. In reality, they’re not. Read on to find out about the differences between the two!

NightCafe vs StarryAI: Features

When you compare NightCafe and StarryAI, you’ll notice that both of these tools transform users’ text prompts into impressive AI art.

NightCafe and StarryAI are also capable of image-to-image generation. When I uploaded an image as a reference, both were able to create very unique output based on what I provided.

Tiger chasing a deer in a forest.

tiger chasing deer nightcafe vs starryai

Users can also tweak things like Style, Aspect ratio, Seed value, Runtime, and more.

Moreover, StarryAI has a prompt builder feature, which is similar to NightCafe’s Advanced Prompt editor.

Nevertheless, NightCafe gives slightly more options to tweak, like Refinder Weight and AI Models. Also, its image-generation process is faster in standard settings, while StarryAI may take up to two minutes or even more.

However, the key difference between NightCafe vs StarryAI is Magic Canvas (In-painting). It’s only available on StarryAI and it lets you generate stunning visuals in real time.

NightCafe lets you generate 1, 4, 9, or 16 images per output, while Starry is, by default, 4

Furthermore, both of these AI art generators have community features. It means you can create and share your content and get likes, comments, and followers.

A spaceship flying on an alien planet.

spaceship flying alien planet nightcafe vs starryai

After creating an image on StarryAI, you can upscale it by spending additional credits. NightCafe, on the other hand, lets you choose the resolution before generating.

Ease of Use and User Interface

In terms of user-friendliness, both are awesome. However, NightCafe has an editor-like UI, while StarryAI has a gallery-like interface.

StarryAI is more straightforward for users who want to create AI art quickly. It also has apps on both iOS and Android in addition to the Web platform. But NightCafe is available only as a web application.

Advanced users might favor NightCafe because it has more options for refining images.

A Spaceship crashed on a sunflower field on Mars.

spaceship crashed sunflower garden alient planet nightcafe vs starryai

Another thing is both may give you weird results sometimes, and that may cost you a credit with no value in return. It’s a downside for their user-friendliness. Just look at the above-generated image – both of them failed to fulfill the prompt.


Another big difference between NightCafe vs StarryAI is the pricing section.

For a single credit, StarryAI generates 4 images. NightCafe requires 1 credit for every single image it generates. If you pick 16 before clicking on the Create button, it’ll deduct 16 credits.

NightCafe has a very straightforward pricing plan. There are both monthly and quarterly plans available. Though I featured the full details in my NightCafe review, here’s the pricing table for your convenience:


Pro users have access to NightCafe’s exclusive styles and models.

StarryAI’s pricing plan may confuse you initially. It has both monthly and yearly plans. But there are credit packs as well.


There are five credit packs available:

  • $15.99 for 40 credits
  • $29.99 for 100 credits
  • $49.99 for 200 credits
  • $99.99 for 500 credits
  • $149.99 for 1000 credits.

If you subscribe, you’ll get 50% off on these credit packs. Pro subscriptions also come with many benefits like unlimited upscaling, bulk generation, more aspect ratios, unlocked exclusive styles, etc.

One thing to note is that both services let you earn free credits. However, you can earn more credits on NightCafe compared to StarryAI.

To learn even more details about their pricing, please consider visiting NightCafe and StarryAI’s website.

Nightcafe vs StarryAI: Head-to-Head Comparison

To get a quick idea about the differences and similarities between NightCafe vs StarryAI, look at the following table:

Free creditsYesYes
Number of Images per Output1, 4, 9 and 164
PlatformWebWeb, Android, iOS
Prompt builderYesYes
Advanced OptionsYesNo
Ease of Use5/55/5
GUIA complete photo editor like GUIA gallery-like UI with necessary options

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For users who prefer cheaper credits, more controls, and advanced options with good user-friendliness, NightCafe is the best fit.

But, for someone who likes to complete work with excellent-looking presets, even from a smartphone, StarryAI is definitely a better option.

Hopefully, this NightCafe vs StarryAI comparison will help you make an informed decision. Feel free to let me know in the comment option which one is your go-to service and why.

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