NightCafe vs. Wombo: Which One Can Give You the Best AI-Powered Art?

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nightcafe vs. wombo

Looking for an in-depth NightCafe vs. Wombo comparison? In the field of artificial intelligence, AI Art Generators have a massive impact. If you compare these two notable players in this arena, you will understand how both are leveraging AI to give you the finest-looking art.

To understand their ability, you can look at these images where the left side features the image generated by NightCafe and the right by Wombo.

cat walking park autumn nightcafe vs wombo

I have created both of the pictures using the same prompt:

A white cat elegantly strolls in the park, with autumn leaves gently descending around its path.

Both of these art generators ended up making two stunning images. It’s hard to find a clear winner here. But, in this article, you will get an even more in-depth comparison that will give you a clear idea about these tools:

NightCafe vs. Wombo: Features

Even though NightCafe and Wombo generate images similarly, these platforms also have different features.

A key similarity between NightCafe vs. Wombo is that they rely on textual inputs. You can type what you want, click Create, and get the result.

Both of them let you modify details like Model, Style, Aspect Ratio, etc., before generating an image.

Anime characters fighting a dinosaur in a dark forest.

anime characters fighting dinosaur nightcafe vs wombo

However, NightCafe works only on web browsers, while Wombo also has a smartphone app.

It’s worth noting that Wombo AI’s browser-based version is called Deam AI and is not yet fully polished. The smartphone app is the only place you can get full features.

Wombo Dream Ai UI

When it comes to editing capabilities, the battle is more uneven. NightCafe has all sorts of options in its editor-like interface. Wombo, on the other hand, is very simple and minimalistic, with just a text box and art-style panel.

nightcafe output man flying in the sky

NightCafe lets you tweak the output resolution, runtime, prompt weight, refiner weight, sampling method, seed value, etc.

Wombo has no such settings. But, on its smartphone app, while typing prompts, it gives a magic enhancer option that generates even more detailed prompts based on your input.

If you are unhappy with the result, you can choose your own image as a reference on both platforms.

A lone fisherman illuminated by the soft glow of a lantern on a boat navigating a river beside a hill at night.

fisher man navigating river on a boat nightcafe vs wombo

Another point of difference is the number of image generations allowed. NightCafe lets you create 1, 4, 9, or 16 images while Wombo gives you 4 simultaneously, but just one in the free version.

Finally, both platforms have community features where users can follow each other and get likes and feedback from others.

And to summarize – functionality-wise, NightCafe is slightly ahead. However, Wombo lets you edit the image using additional text prompts after creation, which is not available on NightCafe.

Now, let’s see which tool is more intuitive and easy to use:

Ease of Use and User Interface

wombo ai smartphone app screenshot
Wombo AI smartphone app screenshot

Both of these services offer very user-friendly UIs.

However, there are differences here as well:

Wombo has a smartphone app, which makes it more friendly to small-screen users. And while you can work on NightCafe from a small screen, it works better on a desktop.

Ultimately, the image creation process is straightforward and both apps are equally user-friendly.

A group of men searching for treasures in a dim cave illuminated by thousands of mysterious blinking lights.

men finding treasures in cave nightcafe vs wombo

However, NightCafe stands out for its better customizability, making it a favorite among advanced users who prefer having more control and options.


Pricing works very differently on NightCafe and Wombo. Wombo has an entirely free version with some restrictions. NightCafe works based on credits.

You can earn credit on NightCafe for free or by purchasing a subscription plan.

To learn about its pricing, you can see this NightCafe Studio review and the following pricing table:


NightCafe requires one credit for every image you generate. Some models and art styles are only available for premium users.

Wombo offers a premium version that removes all the restrictions and gives the best experience. It has monthly, yearly, and lifetime subscriptions. Here are the Wombo’s pricing details:

  • $9.99/Month
  • $89.99/Year
  • 169.99/Lifetime

I suggest you visit NightCafe and Wombo’s websites to see the pricing with more details.

NightCafe vs. Wombo: Head to Head Comparision

Here is the side-by-side overview of NightCafe vs. Wombo:

Free versionYesYes
Lifetime premium subscription planNoYes
Number of Images per Output1, 4, 9 and 161 (Free), 4 (Premium)
Image EditorNoText-based editor, on smartphone only
Advanced optionsYesNo
PlatformWebWeb, Android, iOS
Ease of Use5/55/5
GUIA complete photo editor like GUIA minimal UI ideal for smartphones

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As an IT professional who uses AI art generators as a part of his work, I can confirm that NightCafe and Wombo are the two finest AI tools available right now. 

For quick, visually appealing art without the need for too many tweaks, Wombo is definitely a good choice, especially if you prefer working with your smartphone.

But NightCafe is the clear winner when it comes to having more control.

For me, I would use both of them. Particularly, Wombo’s lifetime subscription is a killer choice for me. However, I would go for NightCafe without thinking about anything else if had the same option for it.

That was my in-depth comparison of NightCafe vs. Wombo based on my experience, knowledge, and community feedback. Now, it’s your turn to pick the winner. And don’t forget to let me know in the comment box which is your favorite and why.

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