Alleged next-gen Xbox Scarlett specs revealed


9, 2019

With Microsoft’s next-gen console only just a year away from release, the console’s internals may have just been revealed. In an article by Windows Central, the alleged Xbox Scarlett specs are now in the wild.

Xbox Scarlett aka Xbox Anaconda

Firstly, there’s the release of the traditional Xbox Scarlett, the successor to the powerful Xbox One X. With the device aiming to be a transformative next-generation experience for Xbox gamers, many are expecting its specs to be impressive. And, well, they are.

According to WC’s sources, Xbox One X’s 6 Teraflop GPU is set to double alongside a more modern jump in architecture. The 12 Teraflop Navi GPU paired with some form of hardware-based ray-tracing components will allow Xbox’s Scarlett console, aka Anaconda, to “Eat monsters for breakfast”.

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For memory, the Xbox Scarlett RAM pool is set to expand with a jump to 16 gigabytes of, we presume, GDDR5 or faster, RAM. 13 gigabytes of this will be used for games whereas another 3 gigabytes will be reserved for the system UI. With the title using an SSD for its main storage – some of which will be substituted as Adaptive RAM – Xbox Scarlett sounds like an incredibly fast system.

Most importantly, the Xbox Scarlett specs see a boost in CPU clock speeds, an important jump for next-generation’s leap in performance. Xbox One X’s 2.3 GHz octa-core CPU is set to see a huge jump; Scarlett’s processor is allegedly clocked in at 3.5GHz,

Xbox Scarlett Lite aka Xbox Lockhart

What’s most intriguing is the idea of Xbox’s lower-powered entry-level next-gen system: Xbox Lockhart. The system, which aims to be an introductory, cheaper console for next-gen games, does have a few cuts in power from the main Xbox Scarlett.

Xbox Lockhart appears to inherit the same CPU as the main Scarlett system. However, when it comes to the GPU, Lockhart takes a huge cut in power: a cut of 8 teraflops. That’s right, instead of a 12 Teraflop GPU, Xbox Lockhart has a smaller 4 Teraflop GPU.

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