Microsoft’s Xbox Scarlett will have a cheaper disc-less alternative



Much like Microsoft’s successful Xbox One S, the next-gen Xbox Scarlett will have a cheaper disc-less alternative release.

According to an article from Kotaku’s Jason Schreier, the rumoured Xbox Lockhart system is still in development.

Despite Xbox boss Phil Spencer shooting down rumors of the system earlier this year, Kotaku writes that the lower-priced NextBox is still being worked on.

Despite Spencer’s claims that Xbox isn’t working on the lower price-point system, Kotaku reports that the console will be a cheaper system than the full-fledged next-gen Scarlett. Alongside being a discless all-digital console, Lockhart will also be lower in performance.

A developer speaking to Kotaku described the system as being “[similar to] a PlayStation 4 Pro in terms of raw graphical power”. However, with an improved CPU, modernised architecture, SSD technology and more, it should still be able to compete alongside the other next-gen systems.

The article states that the full-fledged Xbox Scarlett, aka Anaconda, will be aiming for 4k resolution and 60fps visuals. On the other hand, Xbox Lockhart will be aiming for 1440p visuals with 60fps.

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