New Yanko concept shows a Samsung phone with LG’s TV like rolling display

Samsung has been working on foldable phones for a while and we have already seen the first one from Samsung earlier this year. Samsung Galaxy Fold, while is great, isn’t the perfect foldable phone which can be carried in the pocket.

At CES 2019, LG showed a rolling Smart TV that can hide inside the soundbar. Now, a concept designer at Yanko has brought the same tech to a Samsung smartphone named Galaxy Stick. The concept shows a beautiful Galaxy device with an edge to edge display which can be rolled in and stored safely into the pocket or a small bag.

While the design does look super innovative, there are some obvious issues with it. For starters, the design would make the OLED vulnerable to damage and there’s no space for a front camera or a big battery. That said, the concept does look amazing for a futuristic smartphone that can be rolled back into a stick when not in use.