LG unveils the ground-breaking rollable OLED TV that will be available on sale

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Last year at CES, LG first revealed that it is working on a rollable TV. During its CES 2019 press meet, LG revealed the Signature OLED TV R, its first rollable OLED TV that will be available for purchase later this year.

The Signature OLED TV R comes with a flexible screen that rolls up to retract into a sound bar at the bottom. Consumers can use this TV in multiple modes: fully extended mode for watching TV, line mode to display photos, listen to music, check weather info, etc, and zero mode in which the screen will completely disappear. The sound bar at the bottom includes 100W Dolby Sound surround speakers for great audio experience. LG says the screen can roll up and roll down for about 50,000 times without causing any damage.

Check out the official promo video below.

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