New test reveals that radiation emitted from Apple iPhone 11 Pro will affect your health

February 13, 2020

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Radio frequency (RF) exposure could lead to serious health issues. There are evidences in animal studies that RF exposure causes cancer. Also, radiation exposure has been linked to lower sperm counts, headaches, and several other health issues for human beings. To prevent health issues, FCC has set radiation limits which should be followed by OEMs. Every device manufacturer should test the radio frequency (RF) exposure of a device before releasing it to the public.

Apple claims that the highest SAR value of iPhone 11 Pro is 1.18. Recently, RF Exposure Lab, an independent laboratory in San Marcos, California, found that iPhone 11 Pro radiation levels were at 3.8, which is twice as high as federal safety limits (1.6) and almost three times higher than what Apple claims in its website.

Apple has not responded to this issue yet, but the problem seems to be in FCC’s process. FCC is not testing the radiation levels of the devices it approves. Instead, a manufacturer like Apple gives the phone to an independent lab for testing, and if the phone passes in that lab testing, the FCC approves the device for release. Hopefully, FCC will look into this matter seriously and take appropriate steps.

If you own an iPhone 11 Pro, you can reduce exposure to RF energy by using a hands-free option, such as the built-in speakerphone, the supplied headphones, or other similar accessories.

Source: PopularMechanics

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