New photos of the “Lumia 850” leak, look really good

honjo 1

New pictures have leaked of the Microsoft Honjo AKA the Lumia 850.

The handset, which is rumoured to have been cancelled, looks pretty good, and looks like the device the Lumia 950 and 950 really should have been.

The screen is said to be 5.4 inches big, and the photos show what appears to be an Iris scanner at one corner. The handset appears to have micro-USB which suggests the handset would not be continuum capable, and had a headphone jack on the top if the device. The handset, if released, would be available in white and gold and black and dark silver.

See more images below.

At this point it is not clear of this handset will ever make it to market, but looking at the design it seems exactly what Windows 10 Mobile needs to keep numbers up in Q2 and Q4 2016.