Microsoft to release a new Office license for those who don’t want a 365 subscription



According to a post by the Exchange team at Microsoft, a new perpetual release of Microsoft Office is on the way for those who don’t want to purchase a subscription license. The company shared no additional details about the new Office, but the post does say that the launch date could be sometime in the second half of 2021. The new Office will be available for both PC and Mac.

A perpetual license for Office is something that a lot of users will prefer to the Office 365 subscription license as the former won’t require users to renew the plan every year, nor will it require monthly updates, which can be painful especially when you’re on a limited data plan. However, it’s possibile that the new Office won’t be as feature rich as Office 365 and if that’s the case then the perpetual license is definately not for pro users.

Microsoft promised that it’ll share additional details around the official names, pricing and availability of all these products later. Meanwhile, let us know in the comments if you prefer a perpetual licesne to the Office 365 subscription license.

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