New Microsoft Teams store will soon roll out for government and contractors

October 25, 2023

Remember when Microsoft revamped the Teams store a little while ago? Well, apparently the new Microsoft Teams store is making its way to GGCH and DOD environments.

GCCH and DOD are special cloud computing environments for the US government and its contractors. They are more secure and used to store sensitive data.

As spotted in a recent update on Microsoft 365 Roadmap site under Feature ID 174474, the update will roll out next month (November 2023) worldwide on desktop and web platforms.

It’ll come with new features and improvements here and there, like the ability to add personal apps, get recommendations, read editorial articles, browse updated categories, and even manage your apps better.

Microsoft Teams has been massive in its campaign to promote the new Teams. Dubbed on the streets as Teams 2.0, Microsoft boasts that the new-gen app is faster and more reliable while consuming less energy all at the same time.

Microsoft Teams is available on Microsoft Teams is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux for desktop, as well as iOS and Android for mobile. 

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