New LinkedIn Events allows you to easily create and join professional events


16, 2019

LinkedIn yesterday launched a new feature called LinkedIn Events that will allow members to easily create and join professional events. It will also help the organizers to manage the event, have conversations with attendees, and stay in touch online after the event ends.

Here’s how LinkedIn Events works:

  • You can begin by visiting the ‘Community’ panel located on the left side of the newsfeed and click +Create.
  • You would need to provide a description, a date and time, a venue, and then invite your connections using filters such as location, company, industry, and school.
  • From your event page, you can easily track attendees and invitees, post updates and interact with other attendees.
  • Members who have joined the event can also invite people from their own networks to attend.

LinkedIn Events feature will be available to all LinkedIn members over the next few days.

Source: LinkedIn

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