New evidence suggest that Windows Lite will run Win32 apps in Windows Sandbox like environment

by Anmol
May 30, 2019

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Microsoft has been working on Windows Lite for quite some time now and the company recently released some details about the modern OS which indicates that they are still working on perfecting the OS.

While we don’t have any idea about the features of Windows Lite, a new leak from Microsoft Insider, WalkingCat confirms that Microsoft might allow Win32 apps on Windows Lite. The OS is primarily made for educators and businesses who don’t want people to install apps from unknown sources and hence, we assumed that Microsoft won’t allow Win32 apps.

We can’t be sure about the features until Microsoft actually releases the OS but it looks like the company might allow Win32 apps. This should be good news for educators who don’t want to push their apps to the Microsoft Store in order to make them work on Windows Lite. At this moment, we don’t have any ETA on when Windows Lite will launch but some rumours suggest that we might get a look at it soon.

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