New Corsair driver update is causing BSoDs in Windows 10

by Rahul
December 22, 2020
Microsoft windows 10

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It’s particularly frustrating when an update that’s supposed to fix things for you starts creating more trouble. This is exactly what’s happening with a number of Windows 10 users after installing the latest Corsair driver update. As reported by Windows Latest, a new driver update, which goes by the name of “CorsairVBusDriver,” is now breaking down Windows 10 PCs that have the old CorsairVBusDriver (driver version is 2.x or older). The result: users are getting random BSoD errors.

Microsoft is yet to acknowledge the issue, while Corsair is aware of the issue. “This is caused by a very old CorsairVBusDriver (driver version is 2.x or older) installed with old CUE SW (CUE 2.x or older) conflicting with the new driver (driver version is 3.x) released with the recent Windows update,” wrote James, ICUE product manager at Corsair.

Since this is an optional update, it could be that many of you haven’t installed it on your PC, but want to install it now. And if that is the case, then uninstall the old Corsair’s CUE software and download the iCUE software. This should avoid the conflict that was caused by the very old CorsairVBusDriver and the new driver. This is one way of preventing it but for those stuck in a BSoD, you can follow the below steps:

  • In the Windows Recovery Environment, select Troubleshoot.
  • Select Advanced Options > System Restore. When you click on System Restore, Windows will retry to recover your operating system using the recovery partition and it won’t affect your personal files, but it will remove recently installed apps, drivers, etc.
  • Create a bootable media drive and recover your PC manually.

If you’re using Windows 10., are you facing the issue? Let’s know down in the comments.

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