NEW: Baby Monitor App for Windows Phone and Baby´s RemoteEar


Baby´s ReemoteEar baby unit Baby´s ReemoteEar baby unit Baby´s ReemoteEar parent unit

Finally it is done! This is my baby monitor app “Baby´s RemoteEar” for Windows Phone. The idea arose from the search for a matching baby monitor app for my own needs. To my surprise there was no perfect app. As I am working as a developer for more than 25 years, I decided to write my own app.

The app allows the transmission of sounds from your child, from a Windows Phone to another Windows Phone. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using the app within your own four walls, or on the road as a baby monitor.

The app offers two different modes. In “IN-HOUSE” mode the app behaves like a baby monitor. Recorded sounds are played directly. In traveling mode, any occurrence of an event is communicated by a push message. You can repeatedly hear the recorded sounds and decide whether it is required to go home or not.

“Baby´s RemoteEar” consists of two separate apps. One app is used as a baby unit and the other as the parent unit.

The baby unit app can be installed for free. It is a test mode available, which enables 30 minutes of monitoring. After that, the microphone is turned off. If you like, you can restart directly.

There are different subscriptions through in-app purchases available to take advantage of the full range of functions (30/90/180/365 days). Thus, something for everyone. Who needs a solution such as only for his vacation, you can use the app e.g. for 30 days. The parent unit app is, by the way, completely free of charge.

The app requires only minimal permissions and has no interest in contacts, photos or audio files. There is no need to enter login data for cloud services, mailboxes or social networks. I do not even know the device ID, a name or the location.

Download links:

Windows Phone Store // baby unit
Windows Phone Store // parent unit

I Hope you like it!
If you have any questions about the app – just let me know!

Have fun!