New Avatars on Xbox One have been delayed until next year


13, 2017

What were once a staple of the Xbox 360 era fell to the wayside when the Xbox One was introduced in favor of gamerpics, but Avatars are making their way back. Players will just need to wait a little longer according to Xbox’s Mike Ybarra.

New Xbox Avatars were initially supposed to arrive this year. This wave of Avatars was set to bring a ton of new body type options and clothing to allow players to truly express themselves. This also means that options like wheelchairs and prosthetic limbs are going to be added to make the system more inclusive and representative of the people that play Xbox.

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It’s a shame that the new Avatar experience won’t make it this year like Microsoft’s Fluent Design system and revamped Xbox One dashboard, but the delay just means that the team is working to ensure they are great. “Early next year” is only a few months away, so we should be getting them very soon.

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