New app, MSEdgeRedirect, ready to take over from EdgeDeflector

by Surur
November 13, 2021

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We reported this morning, likely due to the battle with Firefox and Brave, that Microsoft has made it impossible for apps like EdgeDeflector to hijack the microsoft-edge:// protocol.

The developer of the app says to fix this would require destructive changes to Windows, and has therefore given up the battle.

Enter stage left developer Robert Maehl, who has a new app called MSEdgeRedirect.

Like EdgeDeflector, his app lets you redirect News, Search, and Weather Results to Your Default Browser.

Unlike EdgeDeflector, his app filters and passes the command line arguments of Microsoft Edge processes into your default browser instead of hooking into theĀ microsoft-edge: handler, which should provide resiliency against future changes.

The app only needs to be running (in your system tray) to do the trick, and can be set to run at startup.

The only strange bug with the app is that, if you have an Edge window open, the link will open up in both your default browser and Edge.

Maehl says he is looking to replace the Bing links used by Windows Search for example with your own preferred search engine, but this may come later.

Find the app at GitHub here.

via XDA-Dev

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