Netmarketshare: Windows 10 recovers, Chrome and Linux continues ascend

by Surur
June 1, 2020

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Netmarketshare has released its market share report for May 2020. The update reveals an interesting trend in operating system usage share.

In this month’s report, Windows 10’s share is 57.83%, a reversal from the earlier drop from 57.34% to  56%. We had earlier discovered that last month’s drop was due to Linux share growth, and despite the improvement in Windows 10 share, Linux’s growth has not waned, growing from 1.36 in March to 2.87% in April and now 3.17% in May.

MacOS share remained relatively steady, going from 9.75 to 9.68% share.

As yet there is no explanation for the steady growth in Linux use, but we can only imagine it is due to those support engineers booting up their Linux machines at home or some other exotic explanation.

On the browser side, Chrome is now a hairsbreadth from 70% market share, at 69.81% share.

Edge is slightly up from 7.76% to 7.86%, with Firefox dropping from 7.25% to 7.23%.

While Microsoft is becoming increasingly aggressive about pushing Edge, with 10 times more market share I suspect nothing much will change over the next year.

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