Microsoft has become increasingly aggressive in pushing their new and improved Edge browser.

In their latest move, they are adding links to launch the browser when you use start menu search to launch another browser.

For example, if you type Windows and c h r you will see the above screen for Chrome and also to launch the Edge browser.  The same applies if you search for Opera or other browsers.

Even more egregiously, Microsoft will offer the browser even when you do not have the new Edge browser installed, offering a link to download it instead.

While some may say Microsoft has a full right to advertise their software on their operating system, it is notable that Google does not offer Chrome when you search for Edge or Firefox, and that Microsoft is taking away screen real estate which may be more usefully used for other purposes (or even to offer a clear, ad-free and distraction-free canvas).

Do our readers agree that Microsoft is going a bit too far now? Let us know below.

via techdows.