NetMarketShare posts own Microsoft April’s Fools with dramatic Windows 10 market share drop

Its a new month and a new opportunity to look at the progress of Microsoft’s desktop operating system in the market.

NetMarketShare has updated their monthly market share numbers, and this month it shows a rather dramatic drop in the Microsoft’s Windows 10 market share, with a corresponding increase in Windows 7 share.

In the last month, Windows 10 has a market share amongst web users of 33.21%, down from 34.6%, a drop of 1.39%. Windows 7 conversely gained 1.74%, rising from 41.69% to 43.43%.

Microsoft’s outgoing chief has recently revealed Windows 10 is close to hitting 700 million monthly active users (up from 600 million in November 2017), and it is, unfortunately, clear that this significant increase is not reflected in Netmarketshare’s numbers yet.

Edge edged down from 4.44% in February to 4.39%, while Internet Explorer actually increased from 11.66% to 13.49%

The numbers may reflect seasonal changes in enterprise use, and I expect will smooth out over the next few months.

See the numbers at Netmarketshare here.