Netflix launches cheaper mobile-only plans in Malaysia


24, 2019

Author Anmol // in News

After a successful launch in India earlier this year, Netflix started working on launching mobile-only plans for more countries. While the company isn’t ready for a global rollout, Netflix has announced the new mobile-only plans for Malaysia.

The cheaper mobile-only service will cost just RM17 ($4) per month and will allow users to watch Netflix without ads on mobile phones. The plan will work on multiple devices but can only be used to watch on one smartphone or tablet at a time. In their press release, Netflix disclosed that 88% of the Malaysians have smartphones and 78% of the users download or stream content on smartphones.

Earlier this year, Netflix announced the mobile-only plans for India which cost around $2.9 per month. According to Gadget Match, the company has also introduced similar plans in the Philippines for PhP 190 ($3.70) per month.

It looks like Netflix is feeling the heat from the upcoming Apple+ and Disney+ streaming services. Even then, the company managed to add 6.77 million subscribers this quarter.

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