Netflix launched a ‘mobile-only plan’ for just Rs. 199(which roughly translates to $2.9 per month) in India back in July. With Rs. 199 subscription, the streaming is limited to only one screen, and the content is streamed in SD quality(480p). You get to enjoy the Rs. 199 plan only on smartphones and tablets.

In its quarterly earnings report, Netflix’s chief product officer Greg Peters said that the ‘Mobile-only plan’ in India worked better than expected and that the company will think of bringing the plan to other markets despite the fact that users subscribed to the cheapest plan are “a very small percentage” of its more than 158 million users.

Peters said, “We think about revenue as a guiding principle for us. We do these different tests and try to figure out what is the right set of plans that have the right benefits, the right features that are delivered at the right price for the subscribers in any given market. And I think what we’re exploring is, as we are operating in markets that have very, very different conditions, very different levels of affluence and other forms of entertainment competition, et cetera, what is the right structure for us.

“And so we’ve been very, very happy with the mobile plan [in India]. It’s actually performing better than we tested. We’ll look at testing that in other markets, too, because we think there are other markets which have similar conditions that make it likely that, that’s going to be successful for us there as well.”

Netflix’s product chief, however, didn’t mention anything about the markets that are going to see a plan similar to that of India.

via  Gadget360