Netflix Games is getting three more mobile titles this March


24, 2022

Netflix has announced that a new trio of mobile games are now available through Netflix Games on iOS and Android devices. 

Available as part of your standard Netflix subscription at no added cost, Netflix Games offers subscribers a range of mobile games to enjoy on iOS and Android devices with no-ads and no in-app purchases.

While many past Netflix Games offerings have paled in comparison to other mobile game subscription services, such as Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass, this month sees Netflix’s first first-person shooter being added to the service alongside a compelling narrative puzzle game and a shoot em up inspired brick breaker game. 

This Is A True Story 

Based on the story of the 771 million people on the planet who don’t have access to clean and safe drinking water, This Is A True Story is a lush narrative puzzle game in which you follow a  Sub-Saharan African woman’s daily struggle to get water for her family. 

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Shatter Remastered 

Largely known as the game that redefined the brick-breaking genre, Shatter Remastered is a  retro-inspired brick-breaking game that combines classic action with unique twists and incredible boss battles that you can enjoy across dozens of unique levels that are packed with amazing physics.

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Into The Dead 2: Unleashed 

In this sequel to the surprisingly enjoyable Into The Dead, players must once again fend off ever-increasing hordes of zombies to try and stay alive in the post-apocalyptic wasteland. Equipped with an arsenal of melee weapons, firearms, explosives and “more,” Into The Dead 2: Unleashed offers plenty of hybrid runner/shooter action across its action-packed chapters and stages. 

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Despite the strength of this month’s offerings from Netflix Games, we’re still scratching our heads as to whether this is a good decision or not from the streaming giant. While free mobile games are definitely a welcome treat that makes Netflix’s steadily increasing prices more bearable, it’s far from at a point where we’d consider picking up a subscription just to play the limited catalogue of mobile games. 

While there is still a good deal of work to be done, hopefully, Netflix will continue to add more stellar mobile games to its Netflix Games service alongside releasing a few of its own games to enjoy, in order to let the service flourish and stand on its own within the mobile games market.

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