Native Windows 10 on ARM Chromium shows massive performance improvements over emulated x86 version

We reported earlier that a working version of the Chromium rendering engine for Windows 10 on ARM is now available to download, and now we can report that it may be worthwhile using this unofficial version of the Chrome browser. has put the native Windows 10 on ARM version up against the emulated x86 version and reports a massive difference in processor usage.

They report when merely idling on their home page the x86 version on their Asus Snapdragon-powered Windows 10 machine used more than 60% of processor reserve, while the native ARM version only used about 10%.

Despite the improvement, the ARM browser cannot be recommended unreservedly however yet – users are unable to sign into their Google account, and the ARM version still crashes more.

If you want to try it out however you can download an early version here.