Multi social share universal app

Multi social share is a sharing app for both Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 using the new universal apps technology. Multi social share allows you to configure and connect your social networks, like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and connect to your OneDrive account.

As Multi social share is a universal app, it can share the settings between both versions. So if you connect your accounts in your Windows Phone, when you launch the app on your tablet all is configured for you.

Another great feature of Multi social share if the file reuse option. As uploading files to the cloud (OneDrive in this case) is data intensive, you can activate a reuse fles option, that allow the app to look for the file name of the file it is uploading in each moment. If the file already exist in OneDrive app folder, it don’t upload it again, instead, it is going to get the public url of the file and short it using the shortener service integrated in the app.

For posting an update, you simply need to open the app, select the social networks to share with (you can configure what networks are selected by default) and write your update and tap the “share it” button.

But the real value of Multi social share is found on it integration with the system share system. Multi social share works as sharing target for:

  • Images: jpg, bmp, gif, png
  • Other file types
  • Text
  • Web urls

So, both in Windows Phone or Windows tablet/pc, you only need to go to your favourite page in internet explorer, or open the photo you like the most in the photo app, or open a news reader, and click on “share” from there to show the system share capable apps. For sure you are going to find Multi social share there and only need to select it to start sharing your content. I didn’t think in Multi social share as a stand alone app. Is a social share target. Select some images, share them together and Multi social share takes care of upload everyone to onedrive, get a public url and short it using you only need to write the text update, if you want, and click the share button.

Multi social share is priced at $1.29. As it is a universal app, if you buy one version you get both, no needs to pay twice for them. so each app cost you $0.645. Also you can use it totally free with the trial mode: no restrictions on time of use or number of shares. Only an ads banner and a little “using #multisocialshare” text append to your updates.

If you like to give a try to Multi social share, both on Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1, follow these links:

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