MUJA is a touchpad controller that attaches to the back of your phone


14, 2019

Chinese company HandScape Inc has announced an all-new touchpad controller for Android and IOS.

Coined as the “World’s Most Advanced Controller For Smartphones”, HandScape’s MUJA attaches to the back of your mobile device via a suction cup. Via a Bluetooth connection, the touchpad then allows you to control your games without obscuring your screen.

HandScape also claims that the MUJA touchpad will help to dissipate the heat coming off your phone, allowing you to game smoother for longer.

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With a 450mAh battery, the MUJA controller claims to have 56 continuous hours of play time – impressive!

At the time of writing, HandScape is offering 50% off to anyone who signs up through their IndieGoGo page.

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