Mozilla to deliver Firefox for Windows 10 “soon”


Mozilla announced that the company is planning to bring some significant changes to its Firefox web-browser yesterday. The company also announced that they will deliver Firefox for Windows 10 soon as well. According to Mozilla, the browser will be a “high-performing alternative” to the stock browser (Microsoft Edge). Here’s the company’s statement:

We’ll also soon deliver Firefox to new platforms, such as Firefox for iOS and Windows 10, where we will provide an independent and high-performing alternative to the stock browser.

For now, there isn’t much info on when the browser will make its way to Windows 10. I personally don’t expect Mozilla to take long time to release Firefox for Windows 10, as the OS is expected to reach 1 billion devices in 2-3 years. It isn’t clear if the app will be universal either – however, if it’s universal, the browser will soon be available on Windows Mobile. Nonetheless, if you’re a Firefox user on Windows, are you glad that the company is making the browser better for Windows 10? Discuss in the comment section below!

Source: Mozilla