Mozilla might be planning to add Google Translate integration to its Firefox browser


11, 2018

Author Anmol // in News

Mozilla is working on incorporating Google Translate into its Firefox web browser. The company has just released a new nightly build for the testers and it uses Google Translate as one of its translation engines.

Mozilla recently listed Google Translate as one of the translation engines in Firebox browser alongside Bing and Yandex. However, in Firefox, Google Translate is listed as the default translation service. That said, it appears that Google Translate is not ready right now as it throws an error on the latest build.

Moreover, it is not clear if Mozilla will use Google’s API or a custom API to access Google Translate. If you’re currently running Firefox nightly build then you can type this command: ‘about:config?filter=browser.translation’ in the browser’s URL box to use the translation settings.

Via: Beebom

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