PlayStation Portal Remote Player vs Logitech G CLOUD: Comparing the Specs

August 23, 2023

This guide aims to provide a detailed comparison between these two handheld gaming devices, highlighting their features, specifications, and unique selling points. Whether you’re a PlayStation enthusiast or looking for a versatile gaming experience, understanding the differences between these devices can help you make an informed decision. Bear in mind that the Portal was just announced, so we will update this table with fresh data.

Comparison Table

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the Logitech G Cloud and PlayStation Portal, with the better features highlighted:

Feature Logitech G Cloud PlayStation Portal Remote Player Winner
Operating System Custom OS for Cloud Gaming Integration Custom OS for PS5 Integration
Processor Custom Processor for Cloud Gaming Custom Processor for PS5 Games
Display 7-inch Full HD touchscreen, 60Hz refresh rate 8-inch LCD 1080p, 60Hz PlayStation
Memory & Storage Details not specified TBD
Controls Precision controls, stereo audio, controller haptics, gyroscope, remappable controls DualSense Controller Experience
Audio Standard Audio AI noise-canceling technology, Dolby Atmos, Hi-Res certification, 2-speaker system PlayStation
Connectivity WiFi Wi-Fi, 3.5MM audio jack PlayStation
Battery 12+ hour battery life TBD Logitech G Cloud
Weight 463 grams TBD Logitech G Cloud
Unique Features Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Built-in Fingerprint Sensor, Microsoft Pluton security processor Virtual Touchpad, PS5 Integration
Price $299.99 (Sale Price) $199.99 Logitech G Cloud

Detailed Comparison


The PlayStation Portal boasts an 8-inch LCD 1080p display with a 60Hz refresh rate, providing a slightly larger screen compared to the Logitech G Cloud’s 7-inch Full HD touchscreen. This makes the PlayStation Portal a better option for those who prefer a bigger display for their gaming experience.


With AI noise-canceling technology, Dolby Atmos, Hi-Res certification, and a 2-speaker system, the PlayStation Portal offers a superior audio experience compared to the standard audio of the Logitech G Cloud.


The PlayStation Portal also takes the lead in connectivity options, offering both Wi-Fi and a 3.5MM audio jack, whereas the Logitech G Cloud only provides WiFi connectivity.

Battery and Weight

The Logitech G Cloud shines with a 12+ hour battery life and a weight of only 463 grams, making it a more comfortable option for extended gaming sessions.


Priced at $299.99 (Sale Price), the Logitech G Cloud is more affordable than the PlayStation Portal, priced at $199.99, making it a more budget-friendly option.


Both the Logitech G Cloud and PlayStation Portal Remote Player offer unique features catering to different gaming preferences and needs. While the PlayStation Portal excels in display, audio, and connectivity, the Logitech G Cloud offers a longer battery life, lighter weight, and a more attractive price point.

If you’re interested in further comparisons, you can explore how the PlayStation Portal fares against other devices:

Choosing between these two devices ultimately depends on your individual gaming preferences, budget, and desired features. Consider what aspects are most important to you, and make your decision based on the detailed comparison provided in this guide. Happy gaming!

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