MSPU Tips: Test your knowledge of weekly trends using Bing weekly trends quiz

bing featured image

Microsoft’s Bing homepage has since evolved from a simple homepage to one that is the antithesis of Google’s plain minimalist homepage. As a natural offshoot of the Bing carousel feature, Microsoft now offers a weekly quiz to test your knowledge on news events that occurred during the week.

If you’re a news hound, or a quiz addict looking for a quick fix, Bing offers a selection of 7 questions every Friday for US users, with the right (or wrong it’s all about learning) answers providing more context to the story in question.

Here’s how to make use of the Bing homepage feature:

  1. Go to the’s US page (you’ll need to change your search settings to English – United Stated via the Bing search settings)
  2. Open the carousel by tapping the ^ icon at the bottom of the screen
  3. Navigate through, you should see a Bing logo tagged “Bing Weekly Quiz”
  4. Tap or click it, and you should now be able to entertain yourself with weekly Bing trivia.

There should be roughly seven questions, and getting the answer right (or wrong) will expose you to even more trivia about the topic in question. Forget about the Wiki walk, Microsoft’s trying to create a Bing Boogie.

Try it for yourself here.