Microsoft has been increasingly getting out of the consumer content business, shuttering the Groove music store and their ebook store.

One application which inexplicably kept going is the Movies and TV app and service, and, going by a tweet by new Microsoft employee Rudy Huyn, the plan is to develop it even further.

Rudy indicates that Microsoft is looking for a Senior Engineer to “build the future of Microsoft Movies & TV (and more)” with the job post noting:

We build and maintain applications and services that power Microsoft Movies&TV on hundreds of millions of Windows 10 based devices including Xbox, HoloLens and Surface.

Of course, Microsoft does have a built-in market for videos with their Xbox product, but with plans to once again make a phone, one wonders if we are seeing a revival of Microsoft’s consumer ambitions.

Developers interested in helping Rudy out with the Microsoft Movies and TV app can see the job post here.