More Windows Phone prototypes from Computex in hands-on video



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Windows Phone users are pretty used to a diet of Nokia handsets and not much else, making today’s arrival of a mass of handsets by other OEMs at Computex somewhat of a shock.

Above is two more Windows Phones to add the the rapidly growing list.

The first is a cheaper low-range Windows Phone by BYD with a 4 inch screen, chrome accents and a rather unusual home button. The device lacks a front-facing camera and flash, but seems to have the basics.

The second is a rugged handset by Quanta Aegis B61 which has a 5 inch screen and a very thick casing.

The last, also featured in another video, is the 6.45 inch Wistron Tiger, with a full 1080P screen.

All the handsets are reference designs at the minute, and may or may not be picked up by OEMs.

See’s hands-on video below.

Windows Phone 8.1 Prototypes Hands On at Computex 2014

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