More in-the-wild Surface Duo hands-on videos


30, 2020

Yesterday we posted about the first sample photos by the Surface Duo camera, taken by a display unit at AT&T.

Today we have the same person posting a brief hands-on video from the same session.

In the video Joshua Heslop, who captured the video, briefly demonstrates the camera app and the dual-screen typing experience.

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Bryan Ensign has posted a longer video which gives more feedback, some quite negative, but he still called it a super-compelling and interesting device.

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Click Tech Reviews also gave the device a hands-on and notes that demo software was running in the background, which may explain some of the issues Bryan Ensign was having.

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Given that most of our readers outside USA will not be able to have a hands-on themselves, what do our readers think of the device? Let us know below.

Via WindowsUnited

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